Black Bear Hunting

Bear hunting with hounds! Adding a whole new dimension to bear hunting! New Mexico is home to color phase Black Bears, many bears treed are brown, cinnamon, blond, gray, or somewhere in between- A jet black bear is a rare catch in New Mexico.

Black Bear hunts take place on a combination of private and public land. 5-10 day, any weapon hunts can be booked during 2 different seasons. Hunting bear behind a pack of big game hounds is action packed and pure excitement. Hounds are truck rigged or free cast on bare ground until scent is located. Bear hunting is much more fast paced than lion hunting, as the dogs are able to move the hot scent a lot faster.  The hunting is intense, ultimately ending with a mature Black Bear treed, or bayed on the ground. Young boars, and sows with cubs can be “caught and released” after some incredible photo opportunities! This is one of the finest aspects of hunting with hounds.

Bear tags are available over the counter, and must be purchased at least 2 days before hunting. So, if the bay of big game hounds and harvesting a color phase Black Bear has always been your desire, please contact us for package cost, licensing fees, and available dates.

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