Ever have a dream that ended something like this…

Best Bear

The Bar X Bar Ranch is owned by Honey Boy Ranch LLC, and managed by Ethan and Christina Savitsky.  Ethan has been with the Bar-X-Bar since 1998, and brought a lifetime of hunting and ranching experience with him (Along with a trailer load of cow horses and big game hounds!)  Ethan and Christina are full time ranch managers, and hunting guides, as well as accomplished bow hunters.  Combined- they have harvested 4 Pope and Young Mountain Lions, an Elk scoring 332 P&Y, and a 168 5/8 P&Y Velvet Mule Deer.  Their hunters have harvested WAY too many trophies to list!


with a team of premier

New Mexico big game guides,

and fine chefs-

Ethan & Christina, and their crew

are sure to be helping hunters

fulfill their dreams for years to come!

The Bar X Bar Ranch offers a diverse trophy guide service. Outfitted hunts, with lodging accommodations are available for Elk, Mule Deer, Merriam’s Turkey, Mountain Lion, and Black Bear.  We are fully licensed and insured outfitters in the State of New Mexico, all of our guides are licensed as well.  We are permitted to operate on the Santa Fe National Forest and wilderness areas in addition to neighboring ranches.

Elk Hunting, Merriam’s Turkey Hunting, Mountain Lion Hunting with Hounds, Black Bear Hunting with Hounds